I would like to dance now, dear.
I would like to sway with you and still (stay
Still, now) in the silence; we meet here.
Do not take me from this place-
When the pulse of practicality
Beats as a drum in our ears.

I would like ferocious laughter, dear.
I would like belly-shaking laughter-
The sort that turns heads and makes
Strangers laugh at the sound, as
In a theater or film-house when
We laugh (accidentally) at the laughter
Of another, since our seats provide such
Pleasant temporary communities.

I would like to celebrate, Lover.
I would like to open wide the windows,
As after a Portuguese football victory-
Clapping wildly, beating pots and pans
Along with the family of this small town:
For the proud pregnancy of the Night,
For the delicate delivery of Morning.

-Estoril, Portugal
24 junho 2004

2 Responses to “Request”
  1. Melissa says:

    nelly – this is so beautiful. It makes me feel warm inside and stirs that longing for something more that is buried in the deep places.

  2. waxing poetic now, little one.

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