Teach Me Some Melodious Sonnet


I found a little old book on the shelves of the Pasadena House of Prayer (PiHop) last night. Dear Madeleine’s A Cry Like a Bell. I sat on pillows on the floor, turning hurried pages. My eyebrows were tall all throughout that worship set.

(I didn’t mean to mis-write, and then strike the “pain.” But looking back, it seems appropriate.)

2 Responses to “Teach Me Some Melodious Sonnet”
  1. this is nice because i was thinking about mary this morning.

  2. Sue says:

    I love your tall eyebrows and that you share your findings with us!

    the line:
    My fragile body holds creations light…

    I love how Jesus shares His light through His people. Mary’s was HUGE! A baby…huge!!

    I also love how He hasn’t forgotten about His people. Those that choose love give of His light in powerful ways. May we think of Jesus’ light, ponder putting ourselves humbly aside, and letting his light extend through us.

    I think we looose track of what it means to give love during the most celebrated season of the year…confusing it with material gifts. Didn’t someone think it might, afterall, be good for the economy to take a dive, if it must, if people decide to choose less-debt spending this year? How cool to find love right in the midst of each other, without financial strain nor abuse to those countries making our gifts?! I trust we will find peace in making our own gifts of love, from the hands, with the glue, saw, hemp…

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