Back That Thing Up


My iBook has been acting fishy and slow ever since I dropped it last week. (Ooops.) I realized that no, I have not backed anything up since the summer. It is time. I’m doing it.

And you should, too, kiddo. Confess it. When was the last time you backed up any of your files? Consider this a Test of the Emergency Broadcast System and back that thing up.

(If you have a .mac account you already have access to a nice program that will backup your junk auto-magically. You’re probably not using it. It’s creatively called Backup. Go here and use it: Dot Mac)

4 Responses to “Back That Thing Up”
  1. Melissa says:

    your posts make me smile. 😀 how do you take pictures of your mac desktop? that is tres cool.

  2. you a real fine woman, won’t chu back that thang up?

  3. j,
    mr. hardgrave has a link under my fellow travelers.
    “paints by number.”

  4. Pam says:

    Hey jenelle! Thanks for the reminder to back things up and that I could do so with my .mac account!

    Will do so next week when I am in America and have high speed internet!

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