Blog Envy

Every once in a while I find myself with a good case of Blog Envy. When I land on a really good blog my eyebrows get get tall (like my pride.) I read and scroll and click until I can’t sit anymore. I end up running to my bedroom to dump out my old-record-sleeve full of strange paper goods (that fold well) and I paste new things together. It feels good to make things with my fingers and glue.

Strange, muses.

This dude Joshua Longbrake in Seattle has me sinning with Blog Envy. Read his stuff. And then click through his photography. (Holy Roman Empire. The kid has got a good eye.)

What did our parents have to share things? Scrapbooks and notepads and cassette tapes? Rotary telephones? We live in exciting days for sharing. I’m intrigued by the endless possibilities that blogs offer for creation. Even if I (do) have to confess my sins along the way.

7 Responses to “Blog Envy”
  1. aninvitation says:

    This made me laugh, as I often have blog envy when I read your blog…its so creative and fun and witty…and well YOU! I love it!

  2. Joshua says:

    Holy Roman Empire. Nice.

    Thanks Jenelle.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets blog envy. I often get blog envy from your juicy-creative-beautiful-paper-mache’-blog. 🙂 I love you.

    Thanks for the links. I will check it out. And thanks for the bloggers-block tips. I’m working on getting all my thoughts out on virtual paper today. Check back later.

  4. i admit…i’ve checked his blog daily for at least a year now.

  5. Jenelle says:

    @ aninvitation
    I am glad to make you laugh. That is the goal. Well, mostly.

    @ Joshua
    Holy Roman, yes. I’m trying to bring back a dorky old phrase from my history minor days. Sad.

    Sorry that I had your Flickr link wrong. I just fixed it.

    @ Melissa
    You know what they say, confess your sins to one another and…

    @ olivia carter
    You are a smart lady.

  6. of all the silly things in the world, YOU being envious of someone else’s blog. you, the very queen of cool words recorded.

    btw, your skype note says you’re in tanzania. are you really? are you here and hiding from me while faking to be in pasadena??

  7. dominique says:

    I echo lisa’s sentiments. 🙂 My love for writing and for creating beauty sometimes gets mowed over by the chaos of paper writing and overcommitment…and then I read your blog and I remember a sort of childlike enjoyment of things and how much I love life and Jesus and beauty.

    I think that reading your blog often centers me. On the Center. So, thanks for creating beauty and sharing it with the rest of us.

    [by the way, Josh’s photos are incredible! do you think he’d be my friend since I’m a portlander….so we’re practically related, right? 🙂 I’d like to be his friend]

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