The Thing Is

I have too many disjointed thoughts for now. I will make you another list.

1. I really enjoy editing people’s papers for them. (I especially like getting paid to do it.) It is a strange thing to enjoy fixing disjointed clauses. I think that makes me a word nurse.

2. I like it when I wake up very early, but would like to go back to sleep, and half-asleep try to dimly ask Jesus, “How much longer can I sleep and still be on time to work?” And then I think I faintly hear a time. And so I sleep.  And the commute to work takes quite a while. But his voice is right. I am on time!

3. I am prone to pity-parties thrown in subtle ways. Others wouldn’t see them as such, but oh, I know they are there. I don’t like noticing them.

4. It feels good to read through the gospels again and let them rebuke me.

5. The Christianity that is predominately taught today is not very much like what Jesus taught the people who followed him around. That makes me sad. I want to do the stuff Jesus did.

6. Riding a bike is no match for a good long run, in fact.

7. I just don’t know what to do about the kitty who is stalking the goldfish in the kitchen. First goes the water. Then goes the neighborhood.

3 Responses to “The Thing Is”
  1. Agent B says:

    Hi Nell.

    I agree with your #5.

    Curious if you had further (or deeper) thoughts on this. Like what do you observe is actually taught today vs. by Jesus.


  2. Melissa says:

    Comment on #3: Me too. I’ve been noticing them this week. I don’t like it either. How do you suppose we can remedy these? I’m still pondering it.

  3. Jenelle says:

    @ Agent B
    I do have further thoughts. I will comment again soon in a different post, I think. Thanks for drawing me out.

    @ Melissa
    I will pray for us. Again, I’ll be posting more about this one soon.

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