Percolating Dreams – Part 3


I would like to start a company made up of highly-networked writers. I do not yet know what I will call it, nor what structure it could take. But I think this is what we’ll be about:

My Nameless Company’s Core Ideologies
1. Innovation in the use of the English word in every domain.
2. Redeeming poor writing with excellent editing and coaching.
3. Going the extra mile to satisfy clients with our production.
4. Promoting the wholeness and well-being of each writer.
5. Invoking virulent creativity through all aspects of our work.
6. A community of artists intentionally collaborating on projects.
7. Reinvesting back into the local and global community.

Core Purpose:
To connect starving word-artists with profitable opportunities for collaboration.

Who says you can’t do what you love and get paid for it? (And you believed him?)

(Photo by Blacque Jacques)

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5 Responses to “Percolating Dreams – Part 3”
  1. you know how i feel about you.
    you know how i feel about luxury words…

  2. Sue says:

    Delicious business you are dreaming up!

  3. just so you know…i am still in.

  4. D.L.S. says:

    I heard about your little dream from a woman who sometimes gathers sea clothes. I wish you a fresh imagination as your nameless company develops a title (it’s the make or break of any endeavor, you know).

  5. Jenelle says:

    @ Sea-Collector
    You are a luxury word.

    @ Sue
    I am so happy that you give me a safe place to live.

    @ Olivia
    I’m counting on you.

    @ D.L.S.
    I am grateful for your nice wishes. It is make or break, I’m afraid.

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