Mobile upload. Flush.

This made me laugh.

2 Responses to “Mobile upload. Flush.”
  1. Melissa says:

    i am cracking up right now. 🙂 is this for real? ha ha

  2. Jenelle says:

    Beth said [on the old Blogger]…

    Moving over to the new blog, but one comment here before: They have these kind of toilets all over Europe (tho there it’s just two different buttons with no labels) and I am really glad to see it in America. I know the labels are a bit comical, but: what makes Americans think we have the right to use way more water than is needed to flush down our, uh, liquid products? Does it not make perfect sense to use only the amount we need, and not waste a few liters every time by making all our flushes Big Flushes purely because we’re a rich country and we can?

    Beth, I’m really glad you commented on this. The verbage on that toilet was too comical to pass up, but it was a nice surprise to find it.

    I, too, have seen those toilets in Northern and Central Europe (the toilets in Southern Europe sometimes don’t even flush). My feeling is that we as Americans largely don’t know the reality of our waste, particularly with water. I know that I am only slowly learning of how others are warring over water, while I over-flush without even thinking.

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