Where’s Nelly?

Presenting, Fuller’s 2007 School of Intercultural Studies. A special haiku award goes to ye who finds me the fastest, and scribes it upon the comments. I will write a haiku in honor of you and post it for all of blogdom. (Hint: I am partially hidden behind one very tall human.)

As a way of introducing my current state of studying, I thought I’d point out the professors whose classes I’m taking. Incidentally, I think it’s very cute that they all decided to sit together.


K = Dr. Chuck Kraft, the soft-spoken, but highly (spiritually) authoritative prof. of my Deep Level Healing class. In the second week of class he prayed for a girl’s migraine to be healed, and it left her immediately. This class is phenomenal. Yes. God’s Spirit is still on the move.

M = Dr. Mark Hopkins, the always smiling master of the MAGL program. I’m working on very large papers for his Implications for Global Ministry class.

S = Dr. Shelley Trebesch, the lovely lady who flew all the way from the far-east in order to teach us how to O.D. on Organizational Dynamics. She is the one responsible for making me read corporate books that I’d never read otherwise, as well as encouraging my my percolating dreams, and my wanting-to-start-a-company pontificating. (More on that soon.)

7 Responses to “Where’s Nelly?”
  1. Joy says:

    i think that’s you fourth row from the top, about four from the left. those are approximate numbers. but you are wearing light blue. am i right?

  2. Joy says:

    after further analyzation, i actually think it’s the fifth row from the top…
    and i really should stop analyzing and go to sleep; squinting at a picture in zoom mode this long makes my head hurt…
    and if i’m right, you should be impressed, since i’ve never actually seen you live in person…
    ok, i’m done… 🙂

  3. olivia says:

    what can you tell me about brazil? if you wish, you may email me at olovelya@yahoo.com
    i’m thinking about going…very seriously think about going….

  4. Jenelle says:

    Joy, I am duly impressed.

  5. lisa, far away says:

    May I just oint out that a human being would not have to be too terribly tall to partially hide you 🙂

  6. me again says:

    “oint out”

    ha ha

    is that like something a piglet would do?

    ok, POINT OUT…

  7. Jenelle says:

    I was waiting for someone clever to [p]oint that out.

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