Love and Cookies Save the Day

It’s barely tinged with punk and splintered with a soundtrack ruled by Spoon, the lovely post-punk-rockers. And Will Ferrell! Sweet Will! He surprises me with the depth of this role: Stranger than Fiction is to Will Ferrell as Punch Drunk Love is to Adam Sandler.

This movie perfectly plays the “Would you rather” game, mocking all literary geeks along the way. (Ahem.) Would you rather: Die poetically, or, Live a boorish life?

Harold: “You’re asking me to knowingly face my death?”

Pompous Professor: “It’s the nature of all tragedies! The hero dies, but the story lives on forever.” I’m sorry Harold, but, you’ll have to die.

The whole thing is enfolded with outstanding dramatic irony. Our hero, Harold, reads the pre-written story of his life while riding on the MTA bus. The journey goes from beginning to end, and then end to beginning. And he reads it.

We’ve all asked the question: Is an outside Hand writing our lives? And to what extent is this Writer compassionate?

The film likewise enforces the deceptive opinion that the most brilliant writers are whack-jobs with British accents. And it makes a fine argument that love and cookies can save the day. Of course, anomalies and nuances exist to save our lives.

If I were leading a bible study right now (which I am not), I would use this movie as an introduction to Matthew. Behold, Jesus loveth the tax collector, and even they can become heroes.

[The Nelly gives it 4 stars.]

8 Responses to “Love and Cookies Save the Day”
  1. olivia says:

    from the perspective of a “writer” (i have always wondered whether or not it was legitimate to call myself a writer), i love this movie. genius.

  2. Jenelle says:

    Olivia, in my experience, the dead giveaway of writers is that they are almost always hesitant to call themselves such.

  3. lisa, far away says:

    I smile all over and from the indside out when I think of this film. I love that she finally falls for him when he starts to play one of her favorite songs. Ha! So cliche and so perfectly wonderful!

    And cookies! See, baking can save the world! I should write and bake and leave the rest of what I do! Except I would miss coffee with friends and talks deep into the night…

  4. lisa (again) says:

    …not to mention tea on the porch and chai in low-ceilinged maasai homes…

  5. gypsymelodies says:

    Jenelle, you are quite the snarky reviewer these days. It’s like you should get a job with The Stranger or something. Anyway- you better write about Rosie and OTR- we’re eager to hear:)

    (For the record, The Stranger is a hipster Seattle paper).

  6. Melissa says:

    I’ve not yet seen this film, but have been wanting to for awhile. I think you just helped me decide what movie to rent tonight. 🙂

    I love your reviews nelly – I want to hear about your OTR experience too! 🙂

    I wish you could come to Barley’s with me. You would love it.

  7. Melissa says:

    PS I watched this movie last night, at your recommendation. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for the review! 🙂

  8. Yidibhvp says:

    QIIgkg comment1 ,

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