Oh, Oh My!

Things That Caused Me to Feel Terribly Loved. This Weekend In Review:

1. Getting to hug dear Elise, Sarah, and Katrina as they drove up to Pasadena from Westmont.
2. Seeing Trevor B. leap out of Sarah’s trunk to surprise me with more huggies. (Embraces, not diapers.) The sneaker boy!
3. Sue Klein’s chocolate chip banana bread. Served warm with butter.
4. Lucky Boy’s breakfast burritos the size of small infants.
5. Riding next to Trevor on the train back to Santa Barbara.
6. Arianna welcoming me with a handful of orchids! I’ve never received orchids! I must say, they are most perfumalovely.
7. When some aeroplane drew me a big heart in the morning Montecito sky.
8. Taking a nap on Carpinteria’s (“world’s safest”) Beach.
9. The dolphins that played in the super-shallow Pacific waves.
10. Experiencing the 21st annual Avocado Festival.
11. Watching my brothers Jesse and Trevor do the wild eagle dance at the drum circle on Santa Barbara’s beach.
12. Artful coffee with Cari, Northwest java connoisseur.
13. A wild African dinner party of 20 at Carly’s. Cooked by Jesse!
14. Me learning how to make chapatis at said party!
15. The hysterical post-dinner dance party, and dance-off.
16. Arriving back at the Klein house into the running-to-me hugs of little Bruce and Emily.

I think that Arianna’s photo on the side of (an excitedly-painted) truck says it best. Oh, oh my. We are blessed!

4 Responses to “Oh, Oh My!”
  1. gypsymelodies says:

    Hi, hi, hi! I went to the Avo Fest too, and I must say, even though my Ciderfest was happening on Saturday too, those avocados were a beautiful California alternative:)

    And thank you, thank you for the purse and tea. I have been using it and will drink that tea and send it in envelops onward.

    Love you, shalom.

  2. a girl who collects shells says:

    you &i.

  3. Mel says:

    I wish we had an avocado fest…

  4. Trevor Borden says:


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