Ride Bike, Get Happy

I think that everyone should ditch their cars and ride bikes. We’d all be a happier bunch. And the Earth would be, too.

I am having such a nice time riding from Altadena to Pasadena on the bike. I’ve been trekking up and down the hill for the last three days and feel like the richest kid on the planet. There’s time to breathe the air, to wave to grandmas, to talk to God, to count the palm trees on Mar Vista Avenue.

This morning I packed a skirt in my backpack and rode down to Fuller for an interview at the Writing Center. I arrived early and stealthily changed out of my sweaty clothes and put on something more interview-esque. I even had time to stick my nose in the roses near Stephan Hall. (They smell great, but desperately need water.)

I got the job. You may now call me an honorable “On-Call Editorial Assistant.” I feel like I deserve a beeper.

My new boss said it was very European of me to bike to my interview. That made me happy.

(Hand signals from Bike Miami Valley)

6 Responses to “Ride Bike, Get Happy”
  1. john heasley says:

    In the process of selling one car, and getting bikes all round. Its a start, who knows where it will lead, keep cycling

  2. lisa, far away says:

    yes, more european of you to be a bit more earth-aware. (though i have to say that riding bikes around the netherlands is significantly easier than riding up and down hilly pasadena.) anyway, jolly good for you. and congrats on becoming an emergency writing assistant!

  3. Spence Farmer says:

    Love the image of you bikeing around sunny So Cal. I so thought that people were going to be walking and bikeing all over the place in Europe, until I moved to Portugal, the lady of hills. Miss ya, and love reading your life

  4. dom. says:

    Not only do you deserve a BEEpeR, but you deserve a BEER! Congratulations! 🙂 haha!

    I’m excited for your new bike! does it have a name?

    And I LOVE that you biked to your interview! That is one of those cenarios that I always want to conquer, but lack the confidence to try! Your success gives me hope for my future endeavors in doing that sort of thing! 🙂

  5. lisa, far away says:

    Tagging onto Spencer’s comment, I used to feel the boys were taking their lives into their hands when they rode their bikes in Portugal. The roads have no grace for bicycles and neither do the drivers. But at least a lot of people take the bus and train… I long for good public transportation in the US. Wouldn’t that be groovy?

  6. In love with lousy poetry says:

    I’m in love with a bicycler, which means I think you’re great already. In europe they make people pay extra for plastic bags. Oh, clever.

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