I Like Big Books

This is ridiculous. I mean, really funny. The “I’ll greet her with some holy kissin” part kills me. And the flirting over the flannel boards. In my high school days, I think I shamelessly knew the Sir-Mix-a-Lot original word for word.

I am happy to report that:
1. I have a cast-iron stomach and can handle the doxy-bicycles of my new Malaria preventative.
2. I have packed one bag out of three. And it is three days ’till I move. I am so ahead of schedule, it is insane.
3. History has told me that I freeze up if I do not have someone to help me pack unto the bitter end. So, two nice ladies are coming over to help me keep packing. Hooray, Heather and Lydia. Happy days.

One Response to “I Like Big Books”
  1. Sarah says:

    Jenelle, yeah, I saw this sometime last year. Love the rap/christian culture parodies. Have you seen any of the Young Life “Chronic (what!) cles of Narnia” knock offs?

    I am proud that you are so far along on your packing. I am sure Kristen Webster is too:)

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