Sky Blogging

I’m blogging from the sky on my flight back to Baltimore.

I almost always request the aisle seat because I think it’s the seat with the most freedom. I can get up and skip down the aisle if I like to.

I am sitting next to a bona fide arm-rest hogger. Travelers, you know these people. They have these quick-moving elbows that overtake the arm-rest within seconds of sitting down. It’s all over now, baby blue. Lean in to the aisle and don’t start a fight.

Paris Je’taime is an excellent film that reminds me of why I like one-acts. 18 short scenes of life in Paris through the eyes of different directors. The very last scene is so ridiculous and true and lovely. A somewhat pathetic single American lady narrates as if she’s awkwardly telling her French class all about her trip to Paris. Her accent is horrifically American. But by the very end I am crying these accidental wonderful tears, with her.

There’s another scene where Natalie Portman is in love with a blind French guy. This little 8 minute scene is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I mean, it’s incredible. I want the DVD just for this scene.

If you’ve happened to fall in love with Salinger since we last talked, this would be a good time to pause and read Nine Stories. My favorite is #6: “For Esmé – with Love and Squalor.” It should make you raise high your eyebrows and laugh.

This is feeling like the longest flight of my life. I am a stationary bird flapping her wings forever atop the Atlantic.

At least British Airways has some interesting entertainment choices. I’m watching a documentary about Mary J. Blige. Did you know that Mary was considred the anti-Whitney Houston? I’m learning all about the soundtrack to all of the awkward seventh-grade dances where I tried to bob my head to a beat I couldn’t translate. I was a terrible dancer. I’m still not great. I try.

Mary J. Blige made it to the record industry when a producer happened upon a tape of her singing in the mall. She was still living in the projects when her first single went big. I like this lady. Especially because BBC claims that she invented the curious phrase, “Ghetto Fabulous.” Oh!

3 Responses to “Sky Blogging”
  1. a girl who collects shells says:

    I posted something new today. I kind of really like it. I kind of am really glad that you &i reside in the same country nowadays. I am kind of going to see Over the Rhine with Elise Witek.

  2. spain dad says:

    I love Salinger, by the way. Franny and Zooey is my favorite so far.

  3. Beth says:

    I keep meaning to see that movie! And I love Esme.

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