Things I Like Abut Tanzania – Part 2

(Continued from Part 1 here)

10. Learning from Byron how to wear my Maasai blanket like a proper warrior.
11. Dala dalas mini-buses with (curious) names such as, “Pimp My Ride – Go to Church” and “Jealous People Never Win,” painted extravagantly on their back windows.
12. Making friends with the geckos that sometimes chill on the interior walls of my bedroom. (Geckos eat mosquitoes for lunch, you know.)
13. Avocados ‘a plenty.
14. Multiple marriage proposals in one day. (Well, I don’t necessarily like that, but…)
15. Seeing ladies carrying unbelievable loads effortlessly on their heads: baskets of bananas, bundles of timber, or, my personal favorite, hot burning coals in a metal bowl. (Doesn’t the Bible say something about that?)
16. The slower pace.
17. The stars in the sky. I think they might be the brightest here in Arusha. Yep.

4 Responses to “Things I Like Abut Tanzania – Part 2”
  1. a girl who collects shells says:

    this is the first day of my life.
    i`m glad i didn`t die before i met you.
    but now i don`t care
    i could go anywhere
    with you.
    &i`d prolly be happy.

  2. lisa says:

    oh poop. you’re not here any more 😦

  3. Pam says:

    things I don’t like about Tanzania is that you meet really cool fun people (you) and then they leave! Praying for you my sister, that you arrive home safely and all that greets you there brings you joy, not stress, or anxiety or anything else that isn’t good and from heaven!

  4. Trevor Borden says:

    the best in the world

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