Mid-morning Passions

“Karibu, dada!”

Lilian hands me a plateful of passion fruit, watermelon, and peanuts as she calls me “sister” with a smile. I like having new Tanzanian sisters. I’m sitting at the computer in Chase and Leighton’s room sorting through piles of video clips of beautiful Maasai women making beaded creations. I’m getting lost in the scenes of these artisan ladies threading beads with their passionate grace.

My mid-morning snack is crunchy and tart. It is clear to Chase that I am a passion fruit-eating novice.

“You can just swallow it whole, and it won’t be so crunchy, you know.”

“Well, what if I like slurping my passion fruit, Chase,” I retort, with a sassy-grin.

One Response to “Mid-morning Passions”
  1. jesse says:

    i miss that place so so so much!!!

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