Peace, Love, and Chapatis

Things I Like About Tanzania – part 1

1. The taste of hot fried dough with milky sweet chai in the morning. (I would like a t-shirt that reads, “Peace, love, and chapatis.”)
2. Raw, rich beauty streaming from the smiling hospitality of impoverished African mamas.
3. Seeing Byron come alive as he speaks Swahili.
4. The adventure of being driven over unpaved roads with insane crater-like potholes.
5. Relying on lots of lovely candles when electricity cuts out. (Candles are so nice.)
6. Drinking Coca-Cola from 350ml glass bottles with old school bottle caps.
7. Driving down the road and having to stop to watch the baby giraffes.
8. Afternoon tea-time at the Borden’s.
9. The cloud of joy created by forty adolescent African voices singing to Jesus in Swahili, acapulco-style, with much clapping and dancing.

5 Responses to “Peace, Love, and Chapatis”
  1. Pam says:

    Jenelle! I LOVE chai time at the Bordens! I was trying to figure out what errand I needed to run this afternoon so I could casually pop in at chai time! HA!

    Thanks for going with me to Unga. You up for some prayer walking on friday, actually walking and praying not home visiting? I can be flex on the time.

  2. Rachel says:

    Those very much sound like things worth loving. : ) Give all the Bordens hugs and high fives from me, please!

  3. lisa says:

    #10. What I love about Tanzania is that Jenelle is here!!


  4. Talitha koum says:

    My favorite sounding one is number nine. I think I could love it too!

  5. Whitney says:

    That sounds so nice…I wanna go there! =)

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