I Heart Texting

This week I found this sweet site called Callwave that lets you send free text messages to cell phones in the US/Canada from a computer. And the nice thing is, when the American/Canadian replies, I receive it as an email on my computer instantly! This sort of technology makes me very happy, because communicating from across an ocean can be quite expensive.

If you have a Mac (and why, I ask, would you not?) you can get a cute little Callwave Widget for your Dashboard, too. It integrates auto-magically with your Mac Address book.

3 Responses to “I Heart Texting”
  1. Sue says:

    You are quite clever!! Miss your wit around here.

  2. lisa says:

    This is a beautiful little find. I hope it will work from here in East Africa. We are a little challenged in the broadband dept.

    There are so many things you have to teach me while you are here. I wonder if you’re up for being Lisa’s Techie Tutor 🙂

  3. Whitney says:

    Hey, it was great meeting you last night. Was fun =)
    Wish we could hang out more. Oh well, next time.
    Have a nice time at Baba’s and then at the Bordens’!

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