(This is) How Family Works

You might remember me mentioning the awful fire that destroyed the Simple Way community house, and how you could help Shane Claiborne and company rebuild.

Do you know how some in the Family have just responded? They gave the Simple Way the keys to their building, and said, “It’s yours now, because you need it.” The remarkable part is that the gift house is actually located just a couple of blocks from the burnt house on Potter Street.

Adventures in Mission literally gave one of their houses away.

I’m sort of scratching my head about the whole thing. And it’s not just because I’m stunned by the generosity of these beautiful people, because radical sharing is how God’s Family works.

I’m also raising my eyebrows at the fact that it was just yesterday that I was first introduced to Adventures in Mission. I interviewed my friend Liza at the California Pizza Kitchen for an assignment in our course on Organizational Dynamics, and she told me what she loves about being a board member for AIM. I’m most impressed that they are a group of people committed to the emerging culture, hospitality, and “listening” prayer. Oh, and outrageous generosity.

It seems this is a group I ought to get to know.

(Stephen.Hackett’s Micah 6:8 tatt)

10 Responses to “(This is) How Family Works”
  1. Agent B says:

    Wow. You know Steve Hackett? Guitarist for Genesis w/ Peter Gabriel 1971-76? Man…

    I didn’t know he was into the Micah mandate…

  2. Jenelle says:

    Agent B,
    Though I am a child of the ’70s, I must confess that I much prefer Peter Gabriel to Genesis. (I’m glad you think I am so rock-star affiated, but) guitardude Hackett must be a different dude than Steve [dot] Hackett of the Flickr family.

  3. Agent B says:

    In case you didn’t know (since you’re a ‘young-un’)…

    Gabriel was lead singer for Genesis from their beginning until 1975. Pretty much the only Genesis era I liked. And a guy named Steve Hackett was the guitarist.

    I know…this was a pathetic joke. Only I found it funny…

  4. Sydney says:


    I’m so glad Mango made my top ten also! Thanks for much for sending it.
    I always love reading your journal because you introduce me to new things, in this case a new organization. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go check them out in more depth.
    Looking forward to staying in touch with you!!

    PS. I just got your newsletter in the mail. I’m planning on reading it today at work. =)

  5. Jenelle says:

    Agent B,
    I like jokes that teach me musical pop history. I did not now this about Mr. Gabriel, in fact.

  6. Jenelle says:

    It is nice to share new things with you. Happy reading, all around.

  7. Agent B says:

    1971 genesis here

    Keep phil where he belongs…behind the kit, backing gabriel. Ha.

    Hope you have the stomach to make it through all 9 minutes. If not, it doesn’t start rocking until about 3:45…

    OK, enough…

  8. Jenelle says:

    Agent B,
    You are a rocker. When I’m not in class, I will be sure to check out the video. Grazie mille.

  9. Kym says:

    i went to africa with AIM, actually… did we talk about that? i can’t remember… they’re great.

  10. Jenelle says:

    I’m throughly impressed with these AIM people. I think you did tell me that you went to Africa with them, but it didn’t click.

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