Mommy Blogger Crosses Atlantic!

I’ve just nominated the legendary Lisa Borden in the Blogger’s Choice Awards.

Category: Hottest Mommy Blogger.

Perfect? Perfect! Hurry up and go vote for her. Especially because, as of today, all of Lisa’s posts will be from Tanzania! Where else can you get a look at the inside of a wild household migrating from Europe to Africa (via Pasadena)…one that is so wild for Jesus, and wild with Hope?

Vote for Lisa’s blog here: “Let’s Put the Kettle On” is Hot, Man!

Lisa’s blog: Let’s Put the Kettle On
And the blog of Wild Hope:
Telling African Stories As They Live Them

I also voted for:
Andrew Jones, the Tall Skinny Kiwi (Best Blog of All Time) and John Smulo, in Smulospace (Best Religious Blog)

3 Responses to “Mommy Blogger Crosses Atlantic!”
  1. John Smulo says:

    Ahh schucks. That was mighty nice of ya 🙂

  2. andrew says:

    yeah . . . really . . . you have chosen WISELY

    i think i need to revamp my blog now – its looking pretty tatty.

  3. lisa says:

    you are very dear for nominating me 🙂 i am finding the server here a little extremely slow but that is as was expected 🙂

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