Road Trippin’ to Frostburg

On Thursday I took a nice long drive through Maryland–from La Plata to Frostburg. (If MD looks like a raggedy pistol, I started at the trigger and ended up near the pistol tip.) The mountains were really incredible. I forget how much I’m an introvert until I have these long-drives to myself that shoot energy into my veins. And with a hot Volkswagon stick-shift that isn’t even mine! (Thanks, Patty.)

I drove up to Frostburg State University to share my story with the nice folks at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. The unexpected sharing-deal came through some cute little connections with people, and IVCF being open to all kinds of guests.

I talked a lot about pain, healing, and the Psalms. And that we all have a story to share, and when we do, we’re inviting God to do the same good things in the lives of people around us.

I tried my best to put aside the fact that it didn’t make much sense to drive almost 7 hours to talk for only 20 minutes. It was nice to hang out with some of them at a diner afterwards. (I really love diners.) I hope that I’ll keep getting to know a one or two of the gals through the wonders of email/Facebook. And oh! someone even gave me two of their favorite CDs for my drive home!

It was a nice little break from the pace of things.

4 Responses to “Road Trippin’ to Frostburg”
  1. cari says:

    Hi Jenelle,

    How are you doing? I didn’t know one could drive for seven hours in Maryland and still be in the same state! And mountains, eh? Have you read Bird by Bird? I just want to write, and write, and write. And live, so that I can tell the truth better. You would really like the book, if you haven’t read it yet.

    That is a nectar mix tape photo. I wonder who first associated mix tapes with love? Are you studying today? Doing youth group stuff? I may go up to a monastery. Perhaps we can talk later? Could I possibly call you tonight? Was the Mates of State show beautiful? Bright Eyes was. So fun to go with Trevor too, he is a rad kid.

    Te amo mucho, mi amigo. paz.

  2. Arianna says:

    Certainly your prayers for this child are coveted for I know how dear you are to our Father. Most every time I read your posts, I hope they will go on a bit longer than they do.
    I am looking forward to the Fall, and your many (I hope) visits to Westmont.

  3. Jenelle says:

    Well, it was really 3.5 hours one way, so 7 hours in all. Maryland is really quite lovely, it is.

    You should just write, and write, and write, you! I am familiar with Bird by Bird. Anne Lamott is incredible.

    I’m not sure if you check back here for my replied comments. But yes, let’s talk soon!

  4. Jenelle says:

    You are most dear to our Father, too, little bird. Thank you for your sweet words. I can’t wait for the Fall, either.

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