Synchroblog List on Persecution

The April synchro-blog team is writing on Persecution and Christian Suffering. Check out the wide variety of perspectives and rich stories here:

David Fisher – Be the Revolution
Fishing for Trouble – Square No More
Mike Bursell – Mike’s Musings
Restoring Our View of Humanity – Eternal Echoes
Persecuting the Marginalized –
The Ends Justify the Means – Calacirian
Billy Calderwood – Billy Calderwood
Seeking First Righteousness – Tim Abbott
Jamie Swann – More Than Stone
Persecution and Martyrdom – Handmaid Leah
“Don’t squash the counter-revolutionary/the plank in my own eye” – Jeremiah
The Martyrs of Epinga – Notes from the Underground
Terrorism in Christianity – The Rivera Blog

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