Not Bad For Twelve Days

Here’s an update on my CNBC million dollar challenge. My portfolio says that in the last 12 days, my (faux) stock holdings have increased over $50,000! 5% gains in less than 2 weeks. And all that from only the companies I use and believe in. My Dad keeps congratulating me on how well I’ve invested/traded my fake money. If only it were this easy with the real deal. I can’t wait till I’m totally debt free and free to give more away.

Our church staff is reading The Purpose Driven Church together, and, regardless of my thoughts on church, I keep thinking of how cool it is that Rick Warren gives away 90% of his income, after making all that dough on his books.

The Nelly will now be giving fair-trade stock advice for the small price of buying her a cup of good coffee. (Charles Schwabby, eat your heart out.)

(Thanks to Flickr lady P.Mitchell for sharing the Nasdaq photo.)

2 Responses to “Not Bad For Twelve Days”
  1. cari says:

    Hi Nelly,
    Thanks for the comment. What job do you think you got in California? Is it in the Barb or around Fuller? Yeah, I think you have to be 24 to file as an independent. He is really good though. It’s good to be in a place of not knowing. I forgot I have to trust him I think. Maybe we can talk on the telly sometime. Miss you friend,
    PS, if you’re here May 5th, I’ve got an extra ticket to Bright Eyes….

  2. Rachel says:

    Lisa was right — you really are “at large!” Hope you’re enjoying CA! Talk to you soon. R

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