Jesus loves me, this I know.

Here I am, in Colorado, at Missions Training International, for a week of de-briefing my three and a half years in Portugal. I’m with about twenty other missionaries returning from countries like Ethiopia, Haiti, Russia, and the like. We’re all processing the emotions of leaving America to make a foreign culture a home, and then to return. There are a lot of tears here. I think the Holy Spirit lives in the places where our tears run free. He loves to love us. Jesus has loved me so creatively this week.

My second day here, I looked up from the juice bar to find my friend Delice standing in front of me. I met Delice a year ago in Portugal, when she turned up in my kitchen for our Thursday night dinner and Bible study. Delice is like an older sister to my dear teenage friends, Andrea and Olivia. Since she was visiting Portugal that Thursday, she joined them both, and landed in my apartment for the evening. I remember her bright eyes and her passionate words about her Jesus. And her incredible taste in music.

Jesus loved me so much this week by giving me a Delice to hug. She is working here at MTI, caring for missionary kids (really well, I might add, because she was one). It’s so nice to spend time with someone who’s seen the inside of my Portugal–especially the Portugal that was my kitchen on those Thursday nights. I am so loved.

4 Responses to “Jesus loves me, this I know.”
  1. deliciana says:

    oh dear friend. what a precious post to which i can only respond by joining you in praise to our Jesus. i was sad to miss you at lunch, but i am guessing you crashed. i am praying for you earnestly as you press through these last hours here. i long to spend some quality time with you and hear your heart about your time here and your time in portugal as my visit there awakened a deep passion for ministry with these tcks, and i wonder if He will lead me back there some day. i will just be praying a lot about another special reunion with you someday down the road… i love you!

  2. Jesse says:

    just commenting to say i love you!

  3. April says:

    Jenelle, I thank God for the opportunity I had to meet you at MTI. I praise God for your beautiful heart.

    Hope your paper is clicking along splendidly. May 6:00 PM come very quickly and may you find supernatural energy to last the next few days in Kansas before getting home.

  4. ape says:

    By the way, it’s only 4 something here in Denver, where I imagine you’re still sitting in Starbucks plugging away (with the crazily-planned outlets) on your final.

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